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The drum is the heart of the duplicator machine. After roughly half a million copies, the drum begins to lose its factory standards and will at some point become defective. The symptoms of a defective drum are poor printing quality, incorrect ink detection, sending of error codes, and ink leakage problems. Take a look at our interactive diagnostic widget to learn what can go wrong inside your drum!

Our rebuild service will substantially improve the printing quality of the drum by eliminating all potential problems it may have. To avoid costly repairs in the long run, we recommend preventive maintenance. It’s smart to have your drums rebuilt after every 500,000 copies. With this type of maintenance, you can insure a drum’s life for over 5 million copies! The benefits are much greater than per print costs of less than eight-hundredths of a penny (0.08 cents), which equals to less than $1 for 1,250 prints!

We also have a selection of refurbished drums available in our inventory. Our refurbished drums are rebuilt to factory specifications, giving you the same performance and reliability as a brand new drum for nearly half the expense. Whether you send your own drum for service, or buy a newly refurbished one, your drum will be good-as-new, guaranteed with a 3-month warranty.

We recommend that you place your drum in its original carrying case, and then pack it inside a larger box with a layer of shipping material. If you do not have the case, place your drum inside a cardboard box that exactly fits the width and length of the drum, and then pack it inside a larger box with shipping material. We also recommend that you use shipping insurance to protect your cylinder drum from being damaged or lost during shipping. Please include an ink cartridge with your drum so that we can test each repair and optimize performance. We recommend non-expired ink from the manufacturer (OEM) for best results. Once you place your order for your drum repair, the shipping location (also available in our About page) will be provided to you. Your online order provides us with your return shipping information. Payment can be made online, or you may attach a check in an envelope inside your drum package. After the service is complete, we will ship the drum back and email the tracking information.

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