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Having problems with your digital duplicator drum?

Is the problem from the drum or from the duplicator machine? If you have another drum, you may install it on your machine to see whether the problem is related to the drum or the machine itself. If the same exact problem occurs when using another drum, it could be that the problem is caused from the machine. However, it is also possible that both testing drums are problematic, therefore you may test multiple drums for assurance,
or contact us regarding the issue.

Take a look at these common issues and our recommendations below:

The printing quality of the duplicator has become poor or inconsistent.
Keep in mind that the printing quality of a drum is very dependent on the type of ink and master being used. Using genuine ink and master is important to maintain the optimal printing quality. Also, with large quantity printing jobs, it is important to make a new master every 1500-2000 prints, and not run the drum at full speed while printing. (80-90 prints per minute is the ideal printing speed on most drums.)

At around 400,000 to 500,000 prints, the operating mechanics of a drum will begin to wear out, causing a decrease in the printing quality. Rebuilding a drum every 500 thousand prints will maximize the life of a drum until over 5 million prints! (The cost of rebuilding every 500 thousand prints is only $1 per 1,250 prints!)

The duplicator is displaying an error code.
The duplicator drum is a complicated piece of equipment, and is full of sensors and miniature computer modules. Malfunctioning electronics can generate many different error codes, as can improper ink detection or other problems. If you are experiencing error codes from your duplicator machine, you may email us your error code and we will return your email explaining the possible issues (an example error code is SC530-010.)

Ink output is low, variable, or spotty.
If ink suction seems to be week, you may first try replacing the old ink cartridge with a fresh one. While many problems can cause ink output to fail (also see "poor printing quality" above), it is possible for the ink pump to lose its suction force after several hundred thousand prints. This is a common issue with duplicator drums and an indication of other potential defects. Refurbishing a drum includes restoring factory suction standards as well as fixing other problems associated with poor printing performance.

Motor is burned out or struggling to turn.
With as many as half a million copies, the drum loses its ink detection accuracy. The leaking ink can then flood and burn out the motor. At this stage the drum is worn-out and should be rebuilt.

Other miscellaneous drum problems:
Along with other common issues, the drum's ink rollers and other internal parts begin to deviate from factory standards after about half a million prints, degrading the overall printing quality. Therefore we recommend preventive maintenance and rebuilding at every 500 thousand prints to improve performance and lower repair costs.

Save costs and insure your drum's life!  Rebuild it before it breaks down!

Here are some other problems that customers have described before shipping us drums for repair:

3 month warranty!